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Pitfalls of Family Caregiving

Should you opt for family caregiving instead of hiring a caregiver that provides home care services Victoria BC? Weigh your options. Learn about family caregiving so you can make a well-informed decision.

Caregiving is a collective effort. Everyone in the family should be able
to have input when it comes to taking care of the elderly in your home. This
way, it would be easier for everyone in the family. Sadly, taking care of an aging
family member is challenging. It comes with tons of difficulties that must be
ironed out. What are the common pitfalls that family caregiving that you must

Delaying the Conversation

The first mistake that family members do is that they delay the
conversation about caregiving responsibilities as if it is something taboo or
unacceptable. This hesitation to talk is pretty understandable since caregiving
is a sensitive issue to tackle, particularly when your loved one is battling a
serious health condition. 

You can avoid this by taking the time to discuss caregiving responsibilities as soon as your loved one starts showing the need for senior care. Talk about the options you have. Who would take turns caring for your loved one? Would they require a senior home caregiver who would provide palliative care?

Limited or Too Much Input from Family Members

Problems in family caregiving occur when there are too few or too many
family members discussing the responsibilities in providing care for seniors at
home. The challenge here often stems from not knowing who should be included in
the discussion. Some may choose to talk to only those who belong in the
immediate family. Others also include extended family members like uncles,
aunts, and even close family friends. To avoid this pitfall, you may start talking
as an immediate family first, including the spouse and your siblings. Discuss
who will serve as the primary caregiver. If no one can take the responsibility
of caring for their sick relative, you should start considering home care
services Victoria BC

Absence of a Back-Up Plan

Say the eldest son acts as the primary caregiver. What happens if he
gets sick as well while caring for your loved one? Who will take
responsibility? Problems can occur if there is no anticipation of such
circumstances. When unexpected situations arise, family members must be quick
to adjust. They must have a system in place to help things easier for everyone.
In this case, you should have a plan B. Say, the second eldest sibling could
take over, or they can also seek help from a home care agency that offers
respite care so you can have someone to take care of the elderly until the
primary caregiver recovers.

Family caregiving is a huge responsibility. Everyone in the family must understand that they have a role to play – big or small – it doesn’t matter. What matters is that they all take part in the caregiving process. If they realize that things may not work out as expected, they can make an inquiry about home care services Victoria BC. For a more affordable option, you can check out our Live-in Caregiver Program or the Home Support Worker Pilot.

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