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Aging Beautifully: Tips
for Healthy Aging

Many fear to age because it is associated with the process of age-related illnesses, loss of independence, and the inability to accomplish Activities of Daily Living or ADLs. The idea of aging may also mean feeling isolated and having to live in a home care facility—or, hiring a caregiver in Victoria, BC to be able to live in the comfort of your home.

All of these fears are valid. However, there are various ways on how you can look at aging. Healthy aging is a means of having a holistic approach to old age through the fulfillment of the needs of the body, mind, and soul.

Tips for Healthy Aging

Remain Active

Aging does not mean living a sedentary lifestyle or being too careful of activities so as not to get hurt. It is important for the aging population to remain active. Engaging in daily physical activity can help maintain vigor and vitality. Do note, however, that this should not be strenuous to cause fractures or any unwanted ailments. Activities like daily walking, strength training, gardening, jogging, or hiking are ideal. If you are hiring a caregiver in Victoria, BC, you can have someone to accompany your senior parent during these activities. A study conducted by researchers from Harvard University noted that daily physical activity of at least 15 minutes a day can increase an individual’s lifespan by at least three years.

Start Eating Healthy

Include food items rich in nutrients like fruits and vegetables while avoiding sweet, salty and highly processed ones. Since each person has different dietary requirements, it is always best to follow your doctor’s advice.

Do Brain Exercises

While cognitive decline is expected with aging, studies show that constant cognitive stimulation will help slow it down. Dancing, reading, and learning a new language are just some brain-stimulating activities to engage in.

Stay Connected

What makes one age faster is loneliness. Being lonely is bad for health as it can speed up the onset of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. Studies also show that lonely people have higher levels of stress hormones. This can contribute to diabetes and arthritis. So it is best to cultivate relationships early on. Meet more people by joining volunteer groups, anything to keep a connection with people. This is also the reason some families consider hiring a caregiver in Victoria, BC—someone to accompany the senior at home and in some social functions.

Practice Prevention

Many of the injuries commonly seen in the early are preventable. Aging beautifully means taking charge of one’s health. Go to regular checkups, manage daily medications, and practice a healthy lifestyle. If this can’t be done alone, hiring a caregiver in Victoria, BC is your best option.

Embrace Aging

Since aging is something one cannot avoid, it will be healthier to embrace it. Acceptance will help one to understand the process and prepare for it. One of the best tips to healthy aging is to focus on what else one still can do instead of the limitations one may have due to aging.

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