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Planning a Vacation? Call for
Respite Live-In Care!

Going on a vacation is obviously out of the question when you are a family caregiver. Unless you want to bring your loved one with you when you go abroad—which negates the idea of taking a vacation. Planning a day trip is also challenging. But here’s the best solution: Hire a caregiver to provide respite live-in care in Victoria, BC.


Home care agencies let you hire a caregiver to provide respite live-in care in Victoria. This ensures that someone is available to provide care while you relax and refresh. In addition, this will allow you to take that much-needed getaway. Here, we give you ideas on how you can spend your day.

Spa Day

If you really can’t go out, a staycation is the best option. Yes, it’s taking a vacation while staying at home. Suggestion: have a spa day at home. To do this, prepare some candles and easy music to listen to. If a bathtub is available, do a bubble bath or bath bomb. You can also call for a masseuse for an hour of relaxing massage.

Beach Day

If it’s a bit sunny, head to the beach. Put on your newly bought swimsuit, lather on some lotion, and settle on a lounge chair by the beach and enjoy the day!

Hike Day

If you are the adventurous type, take a hike. Use this time to appreciate the extraordinary nature Canada has. Explore British Columbia and all its beauty! 


No need to feel guilty even if you are outside your home. Remember, you hire a caregiver to provide respite live-in care in Victoria.

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