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Transcription: My name is Ben Smillie and I’m the director and owner of SureWork Solutions. We provide in-home, live-in care for seniors and those with a disability. We focus on providing quality and consistent live-in care that allows seniors and the disabled who need help in their everyday lives to remain in their own homes affordably. At SureWork Solutions, we support aging in place. Why leave home if you don’t have to?

I’ve been out of the hospital since December and I’m so thankful to have Jill ‘cause I can stay in my own home.

It’s my understanding that all the research shows seniors aging in their own surroundings live happier lives, are healthier, and actually live longer.

So being able to stay in their own home has given my mom that sense of being independent still, and I found that going to SureWork Solutions has made it very, very easy for us to get live-in for and live-in caregivers.

If you or your loved one needs help with domestic duties, such as cooking and cleaning or personal care, like bathing, medication reminders, you don’t have to leave the home that you’ve been in for years.

Now I know that my mom is getting her three meals a day and they’re nutritious. I know that our house is clean because they do light housekeeping duties.

In the morning I have a shower every day and she dresses and chooses my clothes. She takes me for a walk down the hill, you know, it’s quite a steep hill, and brings me up again. She’s good-natured, she’s funny and she’s very hard at working.

We can provide you with the care you need throughout the day, as well as the peace of mind, knowing that there’s someone there overnight should the need arise.

I want to tell you that my daughter went to and got SureWork Solutions and she was so pleased.

My mom lives in a rural setting and your neighbors are, you know, not next door like they are in the city so going to SureWork Solutions and having our live-in caregivers has given us great peace of mind.

We can provide a live-in caregiver to be there at your home so that you or your loved one can get out of the hospital. And we can maintain that quality and consistent care for years to come. We can even help to see if you qualify for funding where you could receive this care for free.

Through the province we’ve been able to get a Cecil Grant, which has enabled us to hire these two caregivers. And I did explore a number of other companies that I found to be just prohibitively expensive. And just as we were about to give up, I did discover SureWork Solutions and for us, this was the correct solution.

At SureWork Solutions, our focus is more care, less cost, quality, consistent and affordable live-in care. Call us today to see how we can help you.

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