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Night Shift Care in Victoria BC:
When Do You Need it?

Some families hire caregivers to provide hourly care for their senior members because they can’t do all the tasks alone. Instead of living in a care home, they choose this type of senior care service because they want them (or the seniors opt) to live as independently as possible and as dignified as they used to be. However, some seniors specifically require night shift care in Victoria BC.

When is night shift care important?

When the night comes, who will they turn to? What if they need to go to the bathroom in the wee hours of the morning? Who will help them if they have to take their medicine before they go to sleep? What if they need to be monitored every few hours? These are only some of the instances that dictate the need for night shift care in Victoria BC. Overnight care is as important as the regular day-time care seniors get from in-home caregivers. Therefore, having a skilled caregiver providing overnight care to your loved one assures you of good night sleep and utmost care even during snooze.

Who needs an overnight caregiver?

  • Seniors who are recovering from post-operation, suffering from illnesses like dementia or Alzheimer’s, and requiring constant monitoring, as prescribed by doctors
  • Those with dementia or Alzheimer’s who require overnight supervision because they get agitated and confused in the early evening hours caused by sundowning
  • Seniors with complex medical conditions that require constant checking of blood pressure and ventilator adjustments
  • Those who underwent an operation and recuperating from serious illness – an overnight caregiver will be a great help in moving them from time to time to avoid bed sores

What are the benefits of hiring an overnight caregiver?

We rest and sleep soundly during the night to be able to recharge and do our daily work and routine when the morning comes. However, having to attend to a loved one overnight may create stress due to lack of sleep and may hinder us from functioning effectively the following day. The solution: hire an overnight caregiver.

Here are some benefits:

  1. Non-stop nighttime supervision – Seniors with dementia-related conditions like Alzheimer’s disease tend to experience agitation and confusion during the early evening hours. Safety is also at risk when getting out of bed to go to the bathroom. An experienced caregiver can help to make the client safe at night by providing constant supervision and monitoring.
  2. Medical supervision – Seniors with serious medical conditions, such as seizures, require round-the-clock supervision. A few seconds of negligence may lead to fatal medical accidents if not given immediate attention.
  3. Inconsistent behavior – Seniors with dementia tend to have inconsistent behaviors that sometimes lead to emotional outbursts and untoward incidents. Having a caregiver to supervise them may lessen or even prevent dangerous situations from happening.
  4. Schedule of medications – Taking medications on a regular schedule may sometimes be a problem, especially if the elderly are living alone. This becomes a bigger problem if the medications are for seizures and blood pressure. Having an experienced caregiver at home, the family members can feel at ease.
  5. Absentmindedness – Night shift care is very valuable for seniors who tend to be more forgetful as days go by. Turning off stoves and taking medications are only two of the many simple tasks that may pose risk to them.
  6. Assistance mobility – Having a night shift caregiver can be of huge help to a client who needs assistance in roaming around the house, especially during nighttime.
  7. Depression – Seniors tend to feel depressed and anxious living alone—with no one to talk to especially during the times they are sick and no family members visiting. A compassionate night-shift caregiver can provide emotional support and meaningful conversations.

Is hiring a night-shift caregiver costly?

Let us face it. Most seniors, if not all, want to stay in their own homes during their retirement years. It gives them a sense of independence and dignity to be living on their own. But we should remember that they need assistance and long-term care because of their old age. This is why most of the family members who have senior loved ones are opting for live-in caregivers. Therefore, cost should never be an issue when it comes to quality senior care, particularly when it is about providing night shift care in Victoria BC. But who can blame those families looking for affordable care if they hope to save or they are on a tight budget?

If you are one of them, instead of hiring a caregiver each for daytime and nighttime, you may opt to hire just one live-in caregiver to save on cost.

Though this may cost a little, note that payment also varies from the home care agency where you will get the caregiver. Some seniors do not need much help during the day and may only need assistance during the night. Though day-time shift and night shift are two different work shifts, it is not something to be scared of if you try 24-hour in-home care—especially if you want assurance on their safety.

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