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Live-in Care in Victoria BC:
What You Need to Know

Live-in care in Victoria BC responds to the needs of elderly clients who need round-the-clock senior care. Primarily, it provides assistance for our seniors to recuperate from surgeries or giving support for them to do daily activities independently. The tasks are mainly non-medical, such as running errands, medication management, companionship during doctor visits, and all other activities of daily living.

Giving our seniors emotional support builds their self-confidence to live fully in their retirement age. Subsequently, highly experienced caregivers who are trained in the most current senior care techniques help seniors achieve this. But this is only one of the many benefits that live-in care in Victoria BC provides. Seniors living in Victoria, BC have lived their life independently and most of the time, away from their family.  Live-in care makes sure that independence is maintained and the seniors’ dignity is preserved, living their daily lives after retirement. 

Companionship and constant attention are some of the benefits an in-home caregiver provides. Trying to live with independence, our seniors at home need a companion to share a conversation with, help with some light housekeeping chores, preparing their meals and even doing some of the personal hygiene aspects.  Live-in care caregivers in Victoria, BC provide these kinds of home care, particularly, to the senior members of our family.

Why choose a live-in caregiver?

Knowing all these advantages of hiring a live-in caregiver, families are having second thoughts if they should choose to hire a live-in caregiver.  Most of the time, seniors who are ill, have Alzheimer’s or dementia, and recuperating from surgery needs constant care at home.  Therefore, home care is very much needed in these times when a family member has to attend to their own lives, working or going to school.  Moreover, elderly members of the family, even in trying times, want to live as independent and with dignity as possible. However, knowing their limited movements, they sure need help from an experienced caregiver.  Keeping them well taken care of and independent at the same time gives them confidence and enjoyable living amidst their old age. 

What are the benefits of having a live-in caregiver?

Having a live-in caregiver at home sure got lots of advantages for the senior client, as well as the members of his or her family.

  • Better client’s safety
  • Better nutrition through dietary management and meal preparation
  • Better medication management and reminders to take medication as prescribed
  • Regular light exercises, ambulation, and assistance with the ongoing therapy, such as those that might be home instructions from an occupational therapist or physical therapist
  • Better family involvement
  • Better socialization, especially for clients that are isolated
  • Stress and anxiety are decreased, especially in transporting to and from the doctor’s appointment and getting groceries

While the primary benefit is that the clients remain in their homes, improved safety and quality of life give balance to it.  Because live-in care in Victoria BC is one-on-one care, the clients get to enjoy independence and comfort in their own homes.  The in-home caregiver provides all the necessary support and assistance a family member cannot provide all of the time.  This, subsequently, defines quality senior care services.

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