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Respite Care Services in Victoria:
When Caregivers Need
a Breathing Space

Every caregiver needs time off to avoid burnout. Thus, you have to get help from somebody or a home care agency that can provide respite care services in Victoria.

It is a family caregiver’s job to deliver senior care services in Victoria BC to an aging loved one. However, you must understand that this undertaking can be physically tiring and stressful. Managing medications and helping with activities of daily living, and even providing companionship can get so challenging. Expect the senior caregiver to feel exhausted. Therefore, it is important that you give them a break. It allows them to breathe and relax, and come back to work feeling recharged.

Caregiver Stress is a Natural, But…

It is but natural for a family caregiver like you to become so involved in taking care of a loved one that you start to neglect your own personal needs. You wake up and start a routine that is physically demanding, thinking this will benefit the aging loved one the most. Unknowingly, living this kind of life can give you stress and unsustainable exhaustion. Subsequently, this situation may not be favorable to the senior who needs long-term care and to you who is responsible for it.

Oftentimes, we seek refuge from our nearby friends or other close relatives for help. But the reality is, families often live far apart and friends are somewhat busy earning a living. In instances like this, family caregivers find themselves shouldering the burden alone. Every single day that they are struggling in performing their duties, the more stress and weariness they feel. 

The Benefits of Respite Care

Taking a respite from the normal duties of providing care and support care can be helpful. Though taking care of your aging loved one is very rewarding and fulfilling, constant medical, emotional and physical duties can leave you drained and burned out, especially if 24-hour care is required. Having a break once in a while will do, both the caregiver and the care provider, a positive diversity.

It is important that you, who provide respite care services in Victoria, take some time off for yourself. This will help you reinvigorate your energy and spirit. This will also let you take care of your other duties and personal life. Very often, you have some guilt feeling as you leave your senior loved one in order to do some personal tasks.  However, it will give you a breather and a time to recharge.

These and some more are the reasons for calling a home care agency in Victoria BC for respite care. As the number of caregivers increases, the number of people suffering from stress, physical and emotional exhaustion, depression, isolation, and physical ailments is also on the rise. This is something you need to recognize. You deserve to have a break from your daily responsibilities and take care of yourself as well. This much-needed break from your duties will make you a better caregiver in the long run.

Respite Care for Seniors Being Provided with Care

Respite care services in Victoria can also be a breather to the person receiving the care. Meeting new people aside from the caregiver and trying new activities different from their usual normal routine can be exciting and restorative.

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