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Why Hire a Caregiver for
Live-In Care?

Taking care of your senior relative is a serious task. No matter how ready you are, there will still be a number of unexpected challenges. Many of them are increasing in severity as a person ages. As a family caregiver, you may be completely unaware of the personal boundaries and maintenance that you need for yourself. You may do your best to sustain a comfortable life for them, in the end, you may realize that calling a home care company in Victoria, BC to hire a caregiver for senior live-in care is the best option for you.

Here are the signs that you might be experiencing caregiver fatigue, requiring the need to hire a live-in caregiver:

Mental and Physical Fatigue

When you are experiencing physical and psychological fatigue, it could mean that you are already suffering from signs of caregiver stress. According to Seniors Advocate of British Columbia, the percentage of caregivers who experienced caregiver distress increased from 29% (2015) to 31% (2017).

Aside from taking care of yourself, providing care for your loved ones adds to your responsibilities in life. It’s only common to feel like you’re stretched too thin. After a day’s work, it is often difficult to lie down and rest. Even worse, there will be days when you would feel too exhausted and unable to get any quality sleep. In fact, there could be days when sleep becomes a luxury.

To be sleep deprived is one of the most dangerous states to be in. It spikes your stress level and can affect your ability to make decisions. You may also be unable to think clearly and may lead to injury of yourself or the person you’re caring for. When we’re not giving ourselves enough care we may even look to unhealthy coping tools (like eating, smoking, reckless spending, etc.). This furthers the troubles we’re experiencing. You would rather hire a caregiver for senior live-in care than be in this situation, wouldn’t you?

Loss of Interest in Passions and Social Activities

Having healthy relationships and activities with other people is essential to maintain a balance in your life. When you are able to socialize and do the things that you are passionate about, it really boosts morale. However, the time demands of family caregiving duties can eliminate a lot of opportunities that would normally play a role in your wellbeing. Feeling undernourished in fulfillment of the heart can leave you feeling desperate and withdrawn from your own life satisfaction.

Weight Loss / Gain

We all know that a healthy diet is a cornerstone of a happy life. If you notice that your weight has increased or decreased you should pay close attention to the way you’re eating and your relationship with food. In times of stress, it’s common for people to use food as a coping tool. Overextended periods of time, it can result in real weight gain. On the other hand, some people may skip meals altogether and fail to meet their body’s minimum requirements, resulting in weight loss. Binging on unhealthy, but convenient, snacks and meals also add to further malnourishment and frustration from lack of self-control.

Losing Your Cool / Freaking Out

“Patience is a virtue.” It takes time to really practice a patient attitude, especially when being faced with a family member who is struggling with their day-to-day life. We have a history with our family members and it can be hard not to take things personally if we’re faced with more than we can handle. Developing a short temper is a clear sign that you are experiencing too much stress. Tensions may flare-up in the office, in traffic jams, or even at home. A caregiver should be able to give their full attention with a clear mind. This is in order to navigate stressful situations so a great solution is to hire a caregiver for senior live-in care.

When in Doubt

Any person who is a caregiver for their loved one wants to do their best to fulfill their needs. Even though we give our all, it’s common to make mistakes. Sometimes, we even doubt whether we are good enough as a caregiver. Realize that you cannot do everything on your own and that there are many pieces to the puzzle of personal care that we can’t see before we’re there. It doesn’t mean that you are passing on the responsibility if you hire a caregiver for senior live-in care. It means that you’re empowering yourself to maintain a loving relationship with your family members when they need it the most.

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