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COVID-19 Pandemic: Lockdown Activities for Seniors

lockdown activities seniors

Everyone is advised to stay at home because of the COVID-19 pandemic. But with the vulnerability of the aging populations, seniors follow stricter measures to keep them safe. For one, their families must ensure that social distancing is followed. Avoid visits as much as possible. Because they have in-home caregivers by their side to continue providing senior care, there’s nothing to worry about. Instead, share lockdown activities for seniors that they can do together to avoid the feeling of loneliness and isolation.

Play board games.

Keep the seniors’ minds active. Play jigsaw puzzle or crossword puzzle. If none of these board games are available, try online games like solitaire and other word games.

Watch inspiring or happy stories online.

YouTube has a lot of videos that tell of inspiring and happy stories. Watch one or two. Feel-good videos can help release feel-good hormones that will keep seniors in high spirits throughout the day.

Get creative.

One of the lockdown activities for seniors that your loved one may appreciate is painting or creating scrapbooks. Another way is to organize family recipes and turn them into a recipe book. Creative activities eliminate or reduce stress or anxiety.

Offer companionship.

A simple companionship can mean a lot of things for seniors. Having someone to talk to and share stories with can eliminate boredom and stimulates positive thinking.

Try indoor gardening and other hobbies.

Keep seniors energetic. Do indoor gardening together. Baking, cooking, playing a musical instrument and others may help. Choose the one that fits the older adults’ current physical condition, if in case there’s an issue with mobility.

Do you have in mind other lockdown activities for seniors? Share them with us!

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