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Stress in Seniors is Real: What are The Signs?

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People are all destined to one common path—to get old. Growing up requires a lot of energy because we do activities to get a better life. But growing old is a different story as it generates a lot of stress for the seniors. One issue they are faced with is, do they need in-home senior care in Victoria BC?

Recognizing the Signs

Many seniors today have very noticeable changes in their way of living, especially the increase in stress levels. Most of us have a senior family member, and we would like to help relieve their stress. We must first understand the details and factors that are causing the rise in this condition. Changes in a senior’s life like moving houses, financial problems, or the loss of retirement savings and cost for in-home elderly care, health problems, or the passing of a friend or a family member are just some of the factors that cause seniors so much stress.

Financial Status

Seniors do mind about the cost of living. According to Seniors and Money Report, almost 50% of people 60 and older indicated that they have at least one financial issue. Their financial status depends on the continually increasing cost of living, which gives them problems on how they would balance their daily expenses for prescription medications and the daily household necessities, and even the cost of in-home senior care services should they already need one.

Adjustments in Living Conditions

The process of moving out and transferring to a different house is a daunting task for seniors, especially when dealing with new members of the family. For some seniors, it is a nightmare if the family members are not able to take care of him or her and end up moving to a nursing home or an assisted living facility. These factors bring a lot of stress for seniors. To address this, you may choose to call for in-home senior care in Victoria BC.


A death in senior’s relatives or friends is one major factor of stress for them. Most notably with the ones with whom they have a deeper relationship. The memories of them being together would be very devastating for any senior to bear. This is the case especially if the senior has no one to talk to at home because everyone’s at work or in school during the daytime. Call to hire a senior home care company in Victoria BC. Find a caregiver that provides hourly care, for companionship.

Controlling Stress

Not all seniors have problems dealing with stress; some of them can counteract and control the effects and divert it into healthy ways. Seniors would make themselves busy by being active like biking, dancing, swimming, or walking. Their regular exercise and a nutritious diet are good ways of controlling their stress. Some get help from senior live-in care.

Seniors who appreciate the people around them is a way of decreasing their stress, especially when they love their life as a senior. If they have limited mobility or some health issues, they can opt to call for in-home senior care in Victoria BC.

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