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Private Senior Home Care Victoria: Signs Your Loved One Needs It

private senior home care Victoria BC

The majority of Canadian seniors prefer to age in place. They wish to stay in the comfort of their own homes and in the community they are familiar with. However, when can you tell if your elderly parents already need private senior home care in Victoria BC? Here are some things to note:

Decreased Mobility

One of the first signs that your senior loved ones need help already is their physical movements. You would notice they are moving slower than usual, having a hard time getting up from a chair or bed, and experiencing many joint and muscle pains. If they are having difficulty in walking, maybe a cane or any adult walker would be necessary. But, getting help from a Victoria BC home senior care every day may now be a better option.

Memory Gaps

Another noticeable sign would be declining cognitive activities. They would quickly forget about the bills they have to pay, meet up with friends, or misplace their reading glasses. Sometimes they would also repeat the stories they have already told or forget to take their medicines.

Memory loss can be a severe condition if neglected. Inquire about dementia in-home care Victoria. Ask friends or people you know where you can find the best private senior home care in Victoria BC. You should also take them to a doctor for a check-up if this condition doesn’t get better.

Lack of Hygiene

Some seniors tend to get lazy in grooming themselves. There are times that a day would pass and they will not even brush their teeth or comb their hair. Some seniors would wear the same clothing all over again, and they lack the desire to make themselves presentable. This condition could be because of physical problems, Alzheimer’s, or depression. Call a home care agency in Victoria BC and inquire about the in-home elderly care cost so someone can provide assistance with personal hygiene and more.

Decrease in Appetite

A decrease in appetite would mean they are having issues with their sense of smell and taste. They might be losing weight already, forgetting their meals, not eating correctly, and becoming dehydrated. You can help them bring back their appetite by preparing something different from their usual meals, and as long as it is healthy. You can also consult a nutritionist about their proper diet. If preparing healthy meals is something you can’t do consistently, get help from private senior home care in Victoria BC.

Changes in their Personality

Most seniors experience this condition. You might notice your seniors’ personalities change, especially at night. Sometimes they suddenly accuse someone of doing something against them. Do they talk too softly or too loudly? It confuses us sometimes, but these are some of the signs that their personality is changing now and then. It is a sign that they need extra care from us. Again, ask for referrals to know how you can save on cost for in-home senior care.

Our seniors have been independent all their lives but it may be time to understand what is live-in care and how it can improve their quality of life. It may be a shock to them whenever they feel helpless with what they are accustomed to doing. With help from an in-home caregiver, they will somehow feel they have somebody they can lean on. Find private senior home care in Victoria BC now.

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