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5 Tips for Preventing Falls in Seniors

in-home senior care services Victoria BC

When do you need in-home senior care services in Victoria BC?

Most of us know that when our senior loved ones age, they need extra care as their capacity to take care of themselves decreases. Often, they would have restricted mobility because of loss of strength and balance, which causes unwanted accidents. This is why you have to take a lot of factors into consideration to keep them safe at home.

Primarily, you have to start thinking about hiring a caregiver to offer in-home senior care services in Victoria BC. You would ask, how much is in-home senior care in Victoria BC? If your loved one has dementia, the cost of dementia care may be a concern also. This is all but natural. You have to make sure that you can afford it. To save on cost yet still get quality senior care, make a research, or ask for referrals and you would find affordable live-in care services in Victoria BC. Read in-home senior care reviews as well.

Additionally, you should consider some home improvements to ensure senior safety at home.

There are areas in your house where floors are often slippery where it needs installation of handrails. We do not want our elderly to suffer from cuts and bruises, bone fractures, or even serious head injuries from a simple fall because of negligence. Don’t worry about the cost. You don’t have to spend so much to have a minor improvement in your house to prevent accidents in seniors. Here are some of the simple things that you can do:

1. Maintenance of Cleanliness

Maintaining cleanliness is the most uncomplicated course of action to help keep your house safe for the seniors. It would be best if you threw away all the clutter, such as old magazines, newspapers, and cardboard boxes to clear passages in your corridors and other areas with foot traffic.

2. Removal of Tripping Hazards

You have to identify areas in your house, where there are unwanted hazards that could trip your senior and have a massive fall. Look for loose wood parquet that is sticking up, uneven carpet, slippery floor mats, and some loose nails or screws. Tripping hazards are very dangerous deterioration in a house, but an easy repair for any individual.

3. Installation of Handrails

Handrails are very helpful for seniors, especially inside the bathroom. You can surround the water closet with handrails to help the senior in getting up. For maximum safety in the bathroom, install grab bars all around the walls to prevent any falls. Hallways and other areas that our seniors frequently visit should have handrails or grab bars installed.

4. Use of Proper Clothing

Seniors who are fond of wearing loose clothing are also prone to tripping and falling. It is better to let your senior wear adequately fitted hemmed clothing that prevents dragging on the ground while walking.

5. Installation of Adequate Lighting

If your house has a poor natural lighting design, you should opt to install additional artificial lighting to help the seniors see better inside. Corridors are often the sacrifice in house planning, where natural ventilation and lighting are very poor. You can prevent any falls in seniors when you install bright lighting in the area.

Falls remain to be the primary cause of injury-related hospitalizations among Canadian seniors. Each year, 20% to 30% of seniors suffer from falls. It would be better to know how to prevent injuries from happening. Our seniors might not be able to recover fast from an injury, or worse could be they would not be able to. These simple home modifications can come a long way. Likewise, hiring a caregiver to provide in-home senior care services in Victoria BC is a better option, particularly if your senior loved one has a medical condition.

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