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Questions to Ask Home Care Agencies in Victoria BC

Are you searching for home care agencies in Victoria BC?

You already know what illnesses your senior loved one may have. As such, you already have an idea of what care is needed. The home care agency that you would choose should have the capacity to provide that level of in-home care you expect. Some agencies have bad reviews about their services. Thus, you need to do more research first to choose the best home care agency for seniors.

Here are some questions to ask home care agencies in Victoria BC to help the family make the right decision.

What services does your agency offer?

Aside from the in-home elderly care cost, you need to know what type of in-home care services an agency can provide. This way, you would see if it is appropriate for your senior’s condition. Some agencies have full-package services and some do not have because of the lack of personnel. The ideal agency has caregivers that can provide various services, such as housekeeping, medication management, transfers, meal preparation, and personal hygiene. Most home care companies that have a good reputation can do the scheduling, payroll, and hiring of personnel for you.

What is your track record?

Do not simply ask “how much does in-home senior care cost in Victoria BC” and “where is the in-home senior care near me?” Find home care agencies that already exist. Most established care providers that offer home live-in care have good reputations. They have a long list of track records of testimonials and references. You can do your research first and ask for their recommendations or get some referrals from your doctors or their past clients.

Do we have to wait?

Some areas have caregiver shortage because of the high demand for in-home senior care services. The Conference Board of Canada reported that the demand for home care services may increase by 3.1 percent every year until 2026. Therefore, you must know if you have to wait before they can assign a caregiver to you. Particularly if you are in need of emergency care, it would be best to choose an agency that can assist promptly and doesn’t have any waiting list.

Do you provide a personal care plan?

Some agencies follow the proper procedures in implementing adequate senior care. They would meet with you and create a personal home health care plan. A personal care plan is vital as it determines the specific care requirements, a family doctor’s diagnosis, and the need for medical equipment.

Before the meeting with each of the home care agencies in Victoria BC, make sure also that you completely understand what live-in care is. Know the cost of dementia care and the job entails if your senior loved one has the illness so you know what to expect.

What happens if we are not satisfied?

You need to know your rights as a client. The home care agency should replace the caregiver if you are not satisfied with the home care services. This is essential because you wouldn’t want your senior loved one to suffer even more from the condition.

These pointers will guide you in choosing the right one among the home care agencies you met in Victoria BC. It is a family’s responsibility to get all the correct information before deciding which home care provider to choose.

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