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With the average life expectancy increasing every year, the percentage of seniors within our population is increasing as well. The World Bank data shows that within the last 60 years the percentage of seniors has almost doubled from 4.97% to 9.1%. While this is a good thing of course, it also means that there are more people that need potentially help. However, not everyone is open to the idea of someone else helping them with even the basics of every day life – even when they need it. So, here are 5 signs that your senior needs private senior home care:


1. Decreased Mobility

This is an easy one to spot and most frequently the first sign of them needing help. They are moving slower than they used to, having a hard time getting up from a chair or the bed and they will often voice joint or muscle pains. A cane or adult walker could definitely help, but they are still at risk of hurting themselves or even falling. Getting help from Victoria BC home senior care may already be a better option. Click here for more information on our live-in care program.


2. Memory Gaps

Another noticeable sign would be a senior’s declining cognitive activities. It usually starts with short term memories slipping from their mind, like forgetting appointments or misplacing items. It could get a little more dangerous when they start forgetting to take important medicines or wander around not remembering their way home.

Memory worsening with age is quite normal, however if it gets worse over a shorter period of time it might be something more severe, like dementia for example. You should definitely take them to a doctor for a check-up. Also, have a look at our dementia care program. Our caregivers are trained and experienced in providing top-quality in-home care for seniors who are dealing with various stages of dementia.


3. Lack of Hygiene and General Cleanliness

Some seniors will spend less and less time where their personal hygiene or general cleanliness is concerned. This could be because of difficulty moving around, forgetfulness or even Alzheimer’s or depression. If you’ve started noticing a steady decline in your elderly’s hygiene and cleanliness, contact us. We have various specialized programs dedicated to giving seniors the best care possible. Click here for more information.


4. Decrease in Appetite

A decrease in a senior’s appetite could mean they are having difficulties with their sense of smell and taste, they are having issues with their digestive system or they are suffering from depression. It could get quite serious if they additionally have wavering memory, which would mean that they skip meals and don’t even recognize it. And unless you are living with them, this isn’t something you will pick up immediately. As soon as you notice this sign, take them to a doctor for a check-up and reach out to a senior home care provider for assistance. For information on the private senior home care services we provide, click here.


5. Changes in their Personality

Changes in personality don’t just happen without reason and in seniors especially, it is very uncommon for them to suddenly behave differently. The causes can be a number of things like wavering memory, they are experiencing discomfort or pain or they could be developing a more serious illness like Alzheimer’s. For example, someone who was calm all their life might suddenly be very irritable and have a short temper. If you start noticing signs of a personality change, try talking to them and finding out if there is something bothering them and take them to a doctor for a check-up. Also, have a look at our live-in care program.


Admitting we need help can sometimes be a hard pill to swallow, especially for seniors who have been independent their whole lives. As their family, or friend, your role in helping them understand that it is okay for someone to start helping them is crucial. They need your support just as much as they need one of our specially trained caregivers. Come take a look at all of our private senior home care services here.


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