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As we age, we undergo physical changes that can have significant effects on our quality of life. We find it harder to remember details and our limbs aren’t quite as strong and reliable as they used to be. Even the basics like simply getting up from a chair can become a struggle. Ageing does have it’s pros but it unfortunately comes with a number of troubles too. The older we get the more we have to rely on help from others.


As their child or grandchild, you might feel it’s your responsibility to take care of them. You’ve probably already realized that it can get rather challenging though, taking care of them on-top of your already too-full plate. You might feel guilty about not being able to give them all the care and attention you know they deserve.


Have you considered in-home senior care?

Hiring a caregiver to provide them with in-home care will mean that they will still get to live comfortably in their – or your – home. They will also always have someone around to help them with daily tasks, or just keep them company. Caregivers are highly trained to be able to assist with medical and non-medical care. Which means, if the senior is suffering from any age- or genetic-related illness, the caregiver is able to provide the special assistance they would need. The non-medical care will include things like light housekeeping, personal care, food preparation and doing groceries, for example. Depending on the senior the caregiver can take over these tasks or simply assist them.


Getting older and realizing that they can’t do all that they used to can be a hard pill to swallow. On top of that they might be worried about being a burden to you, just as much as you might be feeling guilty about not being able to give them as much attention as you would like. With in-home care, both of your problems will be solved! Here at Surework Solutions we have various service offerings; like 24-hour care, hospital discharge live-in care, hourly care and many more!


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