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The time will come when you will have to focus on the health and well-being of your senior. The most important question that will come to mind is: Home care vs. nursing home: Which one will be the better choice?

We’ve put together some pros and cons for both that will help you make a well-informed decision.


Nursing Home


  • Nursing homes have medical professionals as staff. This alone can make you feel that your parents are safe, especially if they need medical attention. However, keep in mind that all in-home caregivers are qualified and experienced when it comes to administrating medicine and giving medical attention.
  • The facilities are secure, so if the senior has a tendency to wander, or if they are suffering from dementia, they will be safe within the nursing home. Though, this is the case with a live-in caregiver as well as there is someone there 24/7 to watch over the senior.
  • Nursing homes have in-house activities such as games, fitness, and crafts that help improve their memory. Live-in caregivers do all of these kinds of activities with their patients as well.



  • The seniors are without family members by their side. This can get lonely and there is a risk that they will develop depression.
  • They are in an unfamiliar place, sleeping in an unfamiliar bed. It will take time before they adjust. If they are suffering from any illness this kind of change could frighten them and the adjustment period will be much longer.
  • There are strict visiting hours, which means that the senior is only allowed to see their family certain hours of the day.
  • You cannot get involved in their treatment, help them with administration of medicine or in any other way interfere with the nursing home’s procedures.


Home Care


  • You are the primary carer, which means you can get involved in every aspect of the senior’s caregiving, from the treatment planning to administering medications. Your thoughts and ideas matter. You can also personally track the progress of the senior.
  • Receiving care at home will make the senior feel comfortable and will give them a sense of independence. They are surrounded with familiar things, their family members and friends. This boosts their morale and promotes faster recovery.
  • The live-in caregiver will take care of all the mundane tasks like grocery shopping, cleaning and cooking. You will even have input here, for example you will be able to help plan the senior’s meals.
  • You have full control and final decision on the caregiver that will be taking care of the senior. Each candidate’s skills and experience will be completely transparent, enabling you to chose the individual whom you believe will provide the best possible care.
  • Hiring a live-in caregiver is a lot more cost effective in the long run. Have a look at our Care That Lasts.




  • Like we mentioned earlier, you will be in full control of hiring the right candidate. It’s not always as easy and if you’ve never done this before you won’t really know what to look out for. Luckily you will have us by your side every step of the way, providing help wherever you need it.
  • If the senior is suffering from an illness, their home might not always be the safest place for them to reside. It’s best to check with a medical professional first, if allowing the senior to continue living at home is a safe possibility.


So, home care vs. nursing home? Given the above information choosing home care is the safest and best decision for the senior. They will be given compassionate care in the comfort of their own home, be surrounded by familiar things and their family and in the end, it will work out more cost effective. Have a look at the different services we offer here. If you need further information or have any questions, please email us at


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