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Deciding to place a senior parent under the care of an in-home caregiver is a tough decision to make. Their safety is naturally your first priority, so it’s understandable that you are careful in your decision of whom to appoint this important task. To help give you peace of mind, here are some tips on choosing the right senior home caregiver for your loved ones.


Set Your Criteria

Senior home caregivers, also called live-in caregivers, usually have experience in a broad field of senior care, however there are caregivers who are more experienced within certain areas of caregiving. For example, some are more adept at caring for seniors suffering from dementia or a physical disability, while others are better at assisting in activities of daily living (ADLs).

Before you start looking make sure you have your criteria set and base your search on that. This will ensure you hire the caregiver who will be able to look after your senior parent, and it’ll also save you time. Remember to specify your criteria clearly in the job ad as well, so you attract the right pool of caregivers.


Interview Multiple Caregivers

When you are weeding out your applicants, don’t limit yourself to a specific number and also don’t settle for the first applicant that seems right. Interview as many as you can and list down those who fit your qualifications best. Ask about their credentials and experiences. Gather as much direct information as possible.


Do Your Research

Just like with any interview, the candidates will try their best to impress you and might even include an invention or two. So make a point of asking for references and following up with these, countercheck credentials, vet them against the organizations they claim to be affiliated with etc. Doing thorough research will ensure you’re indeed hiring the most qualified candidate who will provide the level of care you expect from them.


Convey Your Expectations

Make sure the applicants know exactly what you expect from them. It’s essential that you and your chosen caregiver are then on the same page when it comes to providing care for the senior. Although the caregiver will know how to take care of the senior, you still need to let them know at the beginning precisely what type of care they need to provide and important things they need to take note of regarding the senior’s future daily care.


If you keep these tips in mind whilst embarking on the journey to hiring the perfect caregiver, the process will be smooth and less stressful.
However, we strongly recommend you leave the recruiting and hiring process to the professionals as they have years of industry experience. They will also be able to find a suitable caregiver much faster as they have a greater reach into the talent pool.

If you have decided that you would like to hire a live-in caregiver, contact us, and we will gladly help you take the next step.

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