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Caregiving can come in various different forms. All of them based on the same principle – to care for an elderly individual. However, there are different types of care a caregiver can provide that will depend on the senior’s needs. Some caregivers are more experienced in certain areas and others are specialized to deal with a certain illness.

Below is a list of the most common types of care caregivers can provide.


24-Hour/Respite Live-In Care

This kind of care is perfect for when you only need a caregiver for a short while. For example, you are a family caregiver and need a break, or you’re going away for a while and need someone to look after the senior. It’s a temporary arrangement that could be a couple of days, weeks or even months. Usually the home care company will assign one caregiver for during the day, and another for the night. The daily caregiver will take care of all the usual activities such as supervision, companionship and stimulation.


Live-In Care

This one is a favorite as it provides the most in-depth coverage. One caregiver is assigned per senior who then stays with them permanently (or however long is agreed for). Many families decide to hire a live-in caregiver as the senior and their assigned caregiver spend enough time together to form a bond. This is important when considering hiring external care as families want only the best for their elders and by hiring a live-in caregiver they are assured stable, long-term care by someone they and the senior can learn to trust.


Hospital Discharge Live-In Care

Accidents happen, and sometimes end up with a trip to the hospital. Especially when it’s an elderly as they are generally more fragile and so the injuries could be more dangerous. Most of the time they will oppose to the idea of going to the hospital and will want to leave asap. In this case though, hospitals won’t discharge the elderly patient unless their family can provide proof that they have arranged for a live-in caregiver to take care of them. The caregiver will then stay with the senior on a live-in basis for as long as needed.


Bridge Live-in Care

In Canada, you have the option to hire an overseas senior caregiver through the Federal Government’s Home Support Worker Pilot. This is a popular program as you are guaranteed long-term, stable care. The process of hiring the caregiver and getting them settled in Canada can be quite a lengthy operation, and sometimes the senior needing care cannot afford to wait that long. This is where bridge live-in care comes in. The home care company will provide a temporary caregiver for in the meantime, until the official caregiver can start working.


Palliative Live-in Care

Palliative care is mostly similar to normal live-in care. The difference is that this kind of care is special and intensive. An elderly who is dealing with a serious illness would need this kind of care provided by a knowledgeable and experienced caregiver.


Night Shift Care/Hourly Care

Perhaps you are the family caregiver, but realize that you need help taking care of your elderly parent. Hourly care is prefect for this scenario. A caregiver will be assigned to help you with whatever daily duties you need help with. Be it preparing meals, the morning routine, providing company during the day if you need to run some errands, etc.
The night shift care works similarly. If you are the family caregiver you are already dedicating your whole day to caring, and perhaps you don’t live with your senior parent. Hiring a caregiver specifically to be there for the senior during nighttime is the perfect solution. You will be able to have piece of mind, knowing that there is someone there should there be an emergency.


If you are thinking of hiring home care, have a look at our services page or contact us. We offer all the above mentioned care programs plus many more.

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