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The joy of having a little furry critter running around the house, playing tag with the oh so loved chewed up slipper or just lazing around by your feet and giving you goggly eyes for that much desired last piece of goodness on the plate and Sunday afternoons bathing in the sunlight or snuggling up on the couch. 

A little.. or maybe not so little.. A furry companion can give you so many joyful moments and memories. These fun packed balls of fur can not only give lots of love with wet kisses and wagging tails but can have many unexpected health benefits.


Staying Active

Taking care of your furry companion requires them to go on regular walks and play time which not only keeps them in shape but can help you stay active and healthy. 

Taking a dog for a walk, playing fetch or rolling around in the garden can help you to keep fit and healthy. This can not only provide exercise to both the owner and the dog but also strengthen and deepen the bond between the two. This can elevate your levels of serotonin and dopamine, which helps keep you calm and relaxed through stressful times.


Mental Health

With amazing physical benefits, there are many mental health benefits that come with having a furry companion by your side. Caring for a furry companion can make you feel wanted and needed and can give some sense of purpose and fulfillment.

Pets can help reduce depression and stress levels. When people interact with animals,  serotonin and dopamine levels go up which is responsible for giving you happy and positive feelings

Having a companion may help fight off those lonely moments between family and friend visits. Fulfilling the needs of another can take our mind away from troubles or worries and fill those moments with joy and love. Nothing says I care more than a wagging tail and a slobbery tongue waiting on your every move.


Which breed do I need?

And then the question comes up of ‘But what type of dog will I get?’ 

This will be entirely dependent on your wants and needs. There are a few questions you can ask yourself before choosing the right breed for you: 

 – What is your energy level?

 – What size dog do you have space and resources for?

 – Do you have allergies?

 – How much experience do you have with dogs?

 – What is the dog expected to do?


Volunteering at a Shelter

Unfortunately, it is not always possible to bring a dog into our home for many reasons which are out of our control. Luckily there is a fun and fulfilling alternative. Volunteering at shelters are for the young and old and everyone in between. You get to work and interact with many furry faces that always need extra love, attention and care. 

You get to take them for a walk, groom them and give them some much needed love. By getting them used to human interaction it helps the dogs become more adoptable.



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