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As a senior, you can enjoy both reading and writing. It is a fun activity to pass the time. It can also hold many benefits for your emotional state and cognitive abilities, from a thrilling adventure story to the history of the world. Reading exercises the brain. On the other hand, writing strengthens your cognitive skills. For example, writing poems, novels, or letters is a great way to enhance critical thinking and memory retention.

Reducing Stress and Anxiety

Reading and writing can be invaluable tools to reduce the amount of stress and anxiety in your life. It can be used in any situation: during vacation, while visiting friends and family, or simply relaxing at home. Reading and writing are great ways to unwind and untangle all the day’s stresses. In addition, these can help you make more conscious decisions and reduce the onset of anxiety in your daily life instead of making any rash or impulsive decisions.

Better Sleep

Reading and writing can act as a natural sleeping dose as it tells the brain to relax and wind down. This may help you fall asleep as it triggers the production of natural chemicals in the body, such as serotonin and dopamine. However, a few factors must be considered. First, sticking to the traditional hardcover books will be the way to go, as electronic reading will negatively affect sleep quality. Increased screen time will keep you awake for longer.

Enhance memory and cognitive abilities

Your cognitive abilities may diminish as you get older. This may be a concerning thought. Fortunately, you can improve your mental health by giving regular exercise through reading and writing. These activities will significantly improve cognitive health by providing the brain with regular workouts. The benefits stretch from short and long-term memory retention learning abilities and strengthen the brain’s neural network.  


Writing improves your brain health, can be a form of expression, and connects us to more social groups. Here are a few methods to write through:

  • Take a trip down memory lane
  • Create a story
  • Write a letter


As you get older, challenges may arise:

  • Eyesight
  • Cognitive and mental changes
  • Memory loss
  • Loss of motor function

Fortunately, your family can read for you and/or make audiobooks available. 

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