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seniors fight boredom

How can seniors fight boredom?

As an older adult, being at home most of the time can make you feel bored. Imagine doing the same thing, again and again, every day? If you cannot beat this, you may lose focus, become unmotivated, and start to think negatively. Before you know it, you are already suffering from anxiety and depression. 

Never allow this to happen to you. Let us help you fight boredom. We have five ways to keep you busy—and happy and positive:


1. Doing Simple Exercises

You can try simple indoor exercises either alone or with your caregiver (Hiring a caregiver? Click here.). Dancing and yoga are only two of the best routines that you can do. Next, you will need workout DVDs or search for related YouTube videos.

Then, if you have mobility issues, do chair yoga, water aerobics or other seated workout routine. First, however, you can check with your physical therapist or doctor which exercise routines will fit your condition.

Exercises can keep your body in tip-top condition and avoid bone weakening.


2. Fishing

Fishing is another activity that lets seniors fight boredom.

Aside from this, it calms your mind and relieves your stress because of the serene environment. Breathe in the fresh air and enjoy nature while waiting to catch fish. You can go fishing alone, but you can make it a social activity, wherein your family or friends can join you on your fishing trip.


3. Gardening

Aside from keeping yourself busy, planting flowers, fruits, and vegetables in your garden can also improve your cognitive health and hand-eye coordination. Seeing colourful flowers and harvesting vegetables and fruits beat boredom, relax the mind, and eventually lower blood pressure.

You can even prepare fresh, healthy meals at home using your harvest.


4. Playing Online Games

Have fun online! Digital technology is also for seniors like you. If you have your mobile phone or tablet, you can try playing online games to make the most of your time. For example, if answering crossword puzzles in the newspaper is already a hobby, you can try playing it online as many times as possible. The same goes for Sudoku, chess, solitaire, and word search puzzles. By playing online games, your memory will improve, and you may prevent cognitive decline.


5. Cooking or Baking

Develop a new hobby. If you think you can still cook or bake, go for it. Check out new recipes available online. Initially, choose the ones that are easy to do. Then gather your family members for a feast. Make it a weekly habit, and have a weekly picnic with the family!


Any person can experience boredom. However, it becomes an issue when you allow it to stay for long periods. It can eventually make you feel anxious and depressed. Therefore, think of ways how to avoid it. These five are only some of the best ways seniors can fight boredom. 


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