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The majority of seniors prefer to age in place. With the advances in technology, this has become more possible. Whether you hire an in-home caregiver to provide senior care, it is best to consider these top technologies to keep seniors safe at home.


Personal Emergency Response System

Seniors who live alone, have health issues or even those who enjoy outdoor activities must use a personal emergency response system. This allows them to immediately seek help in an emergency. By pushing a button, those connected to the device receive a signal. Then, they can carry out immediate action in case of a fall or other emergency situations.


Smart Smoke Detectors

A household smoke detector is an electronic device developed for fire protection. When it detects smoke, it issues an alarm that warns households of a possible fire. On the other hand, a smart smoke detector provides an extra layer of protection as it alerts you through your phone. Regardless of your location, you will get a notification of a possible emergency situation as it sends a signal to the cloud. Therefore, smart smoke detectors are particularly helpful to households with seniors who live or are alone during the daytime or with a caregiver.


Motion Sensor Light

A motion sensor light that gets activated when it detects movement is one of the top technologies to keep seniors safe at home. Among the other devices or gadgets, this one is a low-cost option and easy to use. Their path automatically illuminates whenever your senior loved ones open a door, get out of bed, or walk down the hall. This makes it easier and safer for them to move; thus, you have nothing to worry about because they can move freely without fear of trips.


Fall Alert Systems

Older Canadians’ injury is commonly caused by falls. This is why using a fall detection technology is a must for households with seniors. You can have your senior loved ones wear devices with fall alert systems. Then, in the event of a fall, you will be there to immediately provide assistance. The built-in sensor, which uses either a gyroscope or an accelerometer, alerts those connected to the system when it senses a sudden change in altitude.


Other top technologies to keep seniors safe at home include automated pill dispensers, burner alerts, and outdoor security cameras. These devices make your senior care plan more efficient.

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