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Are you looking for home modification ideas to help seniors age in place? No worries, we are here to offer help.

But first…why modify your home?

Modifying your home is necessary when your senior loved ones prefer to age in place. According to more than 60% of elderly respondents in the National Home Modifications Survey by March of Dimes Canada, this venture will allow them to avoid long-term care and remain independent. In addition, 83% of seniors believed home modification is more cost-effective than staying in a long-term care facility.

Home modification ideas

1. Widening doorways

If one of your senior parents uses a wheelchair, widening doorways will give them easy access when going in and out of the home. This is particularly useful during doctor visits, and emergencies as doors are wide enough to accommodate a wheelchair. But, more importantly, you increase their capability and independence as they can move through the home without difficulty.

2. Adjusting the bathroom

Making adjustments in your bathroom need not be expensive. For example, Bathway recommends reducing the tub height of the existing bathtub. This way, seniors do not have to step over the bathroom wall. Installing grab bars, however, will make them feel safer when using the bathroom. Using a hand-held shower also offers them independence and dignity.

3. Giving sufficient lighting to their living space

Allowing seniors to see their surroundings clearly helps them avoid trips and falls. Therefore, you must update the lighting in key locations, such as the bathroom, living room, and bedroom. Ensure, however, that lighting is not causing glare; thus, choose a light and glare-free colour for walls. On the other hand, ceilings should be white so they can reflect the room’s lighting.

4. Adapting to technology

One of the home modification ideas to help seniors age in place is using smart home devices. Rachel Cericola of the New York Times writes about The Best Smart Home Devices to Help Seniors Age in Place. Installing smart home detectors in all house areas can help a lot. As soon as it detects smoke or carbon monoxide, it begins to alarm and send smartphone alerts to caregivers and family members. On the other hand, emergency contact systems are wearable electronic devices that signal if the senior trips or falls. Contact sensors are also helpful, particularly when the senior needs dementia care. You may attach these small devices to doors and windows, and it will send alerts when these are shut, opened or left open for too long.  


The home modification will make it viable for seniors to age in place. However, this project is more than making adjustments to your doorways, kitchen, bathroom, and others. It ensures their safety, increases their independence, and maintains their dignity. These are the foremost reasons you have to consider modifying your home.



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