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Today’s technology can help seniors to live a quality life at home. With almost 95% of seniors choosing to age in place, this is good news. But what are these technology devices that make home care for seniors easier?

Aging in place definition

Before we enumerate the tech devices that promote home care, we must fully understand the meaning of aging in place. It is not only about being able to continue living at home. Age-Well offers a more inclusive definition: “Aging in place is about being able to live independently in one’s own home and community through appropriate supports and services, including the design of physical spaces and the use of technology within the environment.”

This confirms that families with senior members must ensure that their homes are equipped with technologies to allow them to live independently and safely. In addition, they must also integrate these smart home devices into their everyday activities to make things easier for them.


3 best tech devices to consider

Smart tablets

Smart tablets are among the technology devices that can help when considering home care for seniors. They can play games, make video calls, listen to their favourite music, and others. However, we are not too comfortable leaving them on their own. Either they do not know how to use it, or we are afraid they may encounter spammers, phishers, and scammers. However, this will not be the case with the grandPad because it has no difficult-to-understand buttons, pop-up ads, and passwords. In addition, the system is entirely secure, and they will only receive calls from contacts they trust. 

Medical alert devices

As family members, we want to ensure that we are always there to help our senior parents whenever the need arises. Using medical alert devices will make it possible. A medical alert device ensures the safety and health of seniors and, at the same time, maintains their independence. It does not cause inconvenience because it is lightweight. With only a single touch button, seniors can alert their families and caregivers when they need medical assistance. In case of a fall, the fall-detection feature of the device activates automatically. Help Dialer and Smartgo911 are only some of the available products.  

 Monitoring devices

Monitoring devices collect different data, including movement, behavioural patterns, danger detection, and body temperature. Therefore, using them offers peace of mind for families. They can keep track of their senior parents’ activities remotely. On the other hand, the caregivers get alerts in case of an emergency or unusual behaviour. 


Widespread adoption of new technologies makes it possible for seniors to stay longer at home and in their community. You can search online for more technology devices to help make home care for seniors easier.

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