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improve mental health

According to the World Health Organization, an estimated 15% of adults aged 60 and over have a mental disorder. Because mental health and well-being are also as crucial to the elderly as other people of different ages, try to avoid getting stressed, depressed or anxious.

“But how?” Surely, this is your initial reaction to reading this. True, it is easier said than done. With all the stressors around, you can’t help it. But if you focus on achieving this, you’ll realize you can. Here are the top three easy ways to improve mental health:

1. Play games or do activities that stimulate the brain

Rebecca Marcus, a licensed psychotherapist in New York, says brain games, such as chess and crosswords, can help improve focus and memory. However, brain games may not help prevent dementia and other cognitive disorders. Still, some studies indicate they can delay them. However, she underscored the importance of continuously increasing difficulties in playing games or doing activities so the brain will constantly feel challenged.

2. Get physically active every day

Physical activities like walking and gardening can improve your mood and reduce anxiety and depression. The Canadian Physical Activity Guidelines recommend that as a senior, you must have at least 2.5 hours of moderate to vigorous intensity activity every week. Or, you can opt to divide it into sessions of 10 minutes.

3. Learn to socialize

The third of the top three easy ways to improve mental health is through socialization. Visit or enjoy the outdoors with friends. Find good old friends on social media and reconnect. Call them, have a talk and laugh. It may appear as if you are just mingling with them. Still, it benefits your mental health by stimulating your attention and memory. An article published in Harvard Health wrote that scientists discovered that people with strong ties are less likely to experience a decline in cognitive health. 


Are you surprised to read the top three easy ways to improve mental health? You can do it, right? But do you need someone to accompany you to your aerobics class, events or meet-ups with family members and friends? Contact Surework Home Care Solutions and inquire about companionship care.   

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