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Do you agree with the 42% of individuals in a survey who thought there was no point in visiting a senior parent with dementia if they did not recognize faces? If you do, it’s time you believe otherwise. Here are the reasons you should regularly visit your senior parent with dementia.


1. You can check how they are doing.

You can make an assessment of your senior parent’s health status each time you visit. You do not have to solely depend on the report of the in-home caregiver. More importantly, you can confirm the changes and the challenges reported to you and discuss with the in-home caregiver how to manage them. In the process, their care plan can be immediately adjusted.

2. They remember the feeling.

Seniors with dementia or Alzheimer’s may already forget what happened in an event. Still, they clearly remember how they felt during this time. This is because they still have strong emotional memories. They forget what you told them exactly, but they remember how you made them feel when you said them. Therefore, you may take this as an opportunity to connect and let them enjoy your presence. During conversions, mention family trips, celebrations, and others. Show them pictures and videos that bring out happy memories.

3. They know you are still there to provide comfort and support.

We all feel good whenever friends or family make time to visit us at home. This is no different from people with dementia. They, too, sense comfort and support whenever they have visitors. This is also one of the reasons you should regularly visit your senior parent with dementia. Regular visits show you are still there to spend quality time with them. But, more importantly, care for them even if they already have an in-home caregiver.

4. You get the chance to show affection.

When family members live far away from senior parents, they no longer benefit from the human touch. Therefore, regularly visiting them gives you a chance to show your affection. Hug them, hold their hands, and stroke their back. Touch their face, but make sure they feel comfortable with it.

5. Your face may remain in their memory.

They may not exactly know who you are because of dementia, but they may remember you as someone who is always there to visit and bond with them. They may even remember the joy you bring each time you are there.


There are a few more reasons to regularly visit your senior parent with dementia. But to make visits more meaningful, the Alzheimer Society of Canada gives tips on what to do before and during visits. Also, if you have no in-home caregiver yet and need help with dementia care at home, you may visit the Surework Home Care Solutions website for more information or email us for inquiries.

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