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convince senior home care

Convincing your parents to get in-home care can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be. By understanding their concerns and motivations, you can present them with realistic solutions that put their worries to rest while still allowing them the independence they desire.


1. Demonstrate the benefits of in-home care.

When persuading your parents to accept in-home care, the best way to win their approval is by demonstrating the benefits of this arrangement. Show them that in-home care can help ensure their safety and comfort while giving them more independence and better quality of life. Explain how having an in-home caregiver can give your loved one access to a higher level of medical attention should the need arise, as you won’t need to be there 24/7.

2. Be open with your parents and talk about costs.

When discussing hiring an in-home caregiver with your parents, it is crucial to be transparent regarding the costs. Highlight the different payment options and discuss budgetary worries, too. Bring up ways to save money while ensuring they receive the best possible care. Explain how sharing caregiving duties between you, other family members, and an experienced in-home caregiver can reduce overall costs while providing excellent round-the-clock service that ensures their comfort and safety.

3. Listen to their concerns and answer them head-on.

Listening is a significant part of communication and is essential when having conversations about such a major lifestyle change. For example, your parents may have hesitations or concerns about their well-being, the quality of care, or the cost. It’s important to address those concerns head-on, so they feel confident in their decision and your promise to provide quality senior care.

4. Stress the importance of safety and security measures.

Many of your parents’ worries may focus on feeling safe in their own home. While you want to ensure they understand the importance of staying active, let them know that any in-home care services you look into will prioritize safety first and foremost. In addition, offering insights into how the home care agency implements safety precautions can help alleviate those worries. For example, informing your parents that the in-home caregiver is subject to background checks and drug screening helps ensure optimal safety measures are taken.

5. Emphasize the socialization opportunities available through in-home care services. 

Socialization is a key component of in-home care and one your parents may have yet to consider. It can be challenging for seniors to make friends within their own age group when they are home alone. An in-home caregiver encourages social interaction with their clients and helps organize activities that allow them to stay connected to the community. For example, they can accompany them to where their senior neighbours and friends are. Therefore, your parents will have access to companionship and conversations with others their age, allowing them to interact and form strong connections.

Soon as you become successful in convincing your parents to get in-home care, you may start connecting with us at Surework Home Care Solution.

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