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Accompanying a senior parent to the doctor or hospital can be a daunting experience. But, with planning and preparation, you can ensure the appointment goes as smoothly as possible. Learn what steps to take beforehand, what questions to ask during the visit, and tips to take care of yourself while being your parent’s companion.


Schedule ahead of time and clarify appointment details.

When scheduling an appointment, be sure to clarify the purpose of your visit. Ask how much time should be allotted for the appointment and if any paperwork needs to be done beforehand. Request a written copy of the doctor’s instructions, medications prescribed, and follow-up questions or tests that are advised after the appointment. Make a list of symptoms your parent has been experiencing, medications taken, and questions you have for the doctor before the visit so you will remember everything during their time with the doctor.

Make medication changes clear and understandable for the doctor.

Provide a copy of your parent’s medications, including current prescriptions from different doctors, or list the medication name and dosages. Let the doctor know if any changes were made to their medicines since the last visit or if any side effects were experienced. Having this information ready for the doctor will help them keep accurate records and quickly adjust if needed.

Gather important medical documents beforehand.

Gathering important medical documents beforehand is an important step in preparing for any doctor’s appointment. This includes a copy of the patient’s health and insurance information, such as Medicare or Medicaid cards. It also helps to have copies of any recent lab test results or X-rays, even if unrelated to the visit. Having this entire information ready will help streamline the appointment and make it more efficient for everyone involved.

Identify key questions to ask the doctor.

Before your appointment, list questions you want to ask the doctor about medical treatments and care options for your senior parent. Consider any conversations you’ve had with the doctor in advance or any concerns you or your parent have. Additionally, think about setting up follow-up appointments or asking for detailed information on medications that have been prescribed. Having a conversation prepared before going to the doctor can ensure that all of your concerns are addressed during the appointment.

Arrange transportation. 

It’s essential to ensure your parent has transportation arranged ahead of time so they can get to the doctor’s office on time. A reliable option is to set up a ride service that provides an easy and affordable way for someone to get wheelchair-accessible rides where needed. If friends or family can give assistance with bringing your parent to the doctor, it’s helpful to ask a few weeks in advance to give them time to adjust their schedule if necessary. Additionally, some clinics may provide community transportation services, so be sure to check with the clinic before making other arrangements.

Accompanying an elderly parent to the doctor can be overwhelming. Learn from these tips how best to prepare for a doctor’s appointment and ensure it runs smoothly. If you need to hire a part-time caregiver to accompany your parent to the doctor each time, discuss this information so they will know what to do beforehand. In addition, you may contact Surework Home Care Solutions to find an in-home caregiver who can provide companionship care. 


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