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share responsibilities with caregiver

It can be a challenge giving your senior parents the care they need while you are also taking care of your family, work, and personal responsibilities. But hiring an in-home caregiver can lighten the load. Here are some tips on how to share responsibilities with your caregiver effectively.


Talk it out

Communication is key! Talk to your caregiver about their responsibilities, what your senior loved ones need, and what you expect from them. Familiarize them with the seniors’ daily routines, likes, and dislikes so they can provide the care expected and get along well.


Be specific

Though you have already told the caregiver their responsibilities, it is also essential to highlight the areas where you need help the most. For example, do you need help grocery shopping and preparing healthy meals? Are you so busy that you can’t do even light housekeeping? Does your schedule prevent you from accompanying your loved ones to the doctor? As you share these responsibilities with your caregiver, you not only take some of the burdens off your shoulders. You also ensure that your senior parents receive the care they need.  


Make a plan

Create a calendar that outlines each task, along with the day and time it must be done. This ensures your parents get consistent care and helps you and your caregiver stay organized. But remember to be flexible. Things happen, and sometimes you may have to adjust the plan.


Teach and learn

Do not expect your caregiver to know everything. Be patient in teaching them how to do a particular task. It can be about administering medication, using medical equipment, and helping with bathing, grooming, and hygiene. Keep in mind that the quality of training you give will be the quality of care your senior parents receive.


Check-in often

Have a talk with your caregiver. Ask for feedback and concerns to ensure everything goes smoothly as far as senior care is concerned. Likewise, your senior loved ones’ feedback is valuable, so don’t hesitate to ask for their input.


Remember that senior care is a team effort between the family and the caregiver. As you share responsibilities with your in-home caregiver, you are assured that your senior loved ones receive the best care possible.


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