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When my 97-year-old friend could only be released from hospital if home care was available, within 48 hours of contacting Surework Solutions home-care was organized for two three-hour shifts each day. Ben made every effort to have the same caregiver each time to minimize confusion for my friend. The two caregivers were thoroughly professional, caring, gentle, thoughtful and most patient and became new-found friends for my friend within days. They gave great comfort not only to my friend but also to those of us concerned about her welfare. Without any doubt, for professional care and peace of mind, SureWorks most definitely is the solution!

Susan W., Victoria

Mom has difficulty with mobility and memory due to a neurological condition, so she isn’t safe to be on her own. Besides personal care, our caregiver helps her do her exercises every morning, takes her out for fresh air in her wheelchair, and gets her to appointments. She’s a good cook too. It’s a huge relief have her living and working there.
Leslie C

I am so grateful for the years of service you have provided for Alan and myself. We started in 2012 with a temporary caretaker Jane, who was gifted in many ways and helped us pack and move into a new home. Over the years, Alan slowly showed signs of dementia, and all the caregivers from SureWork were able to provide care and comfort to him. Our home was happy and geared towards the comfort of Alan. Jessie came as our live-in caretaker in 2015 and became one of the family. Alan was devoted to her, and she treated him with gentleness touched with a sense of humour which he enjoyed.

I don’t know what I would have done without our caregivers. Thank you SureWork Solutions.

Sarah Doughty, Victoria BC

I have used SureWork Solutions for two years, with a requirement for care professionals to assist with a dementia patient. The care required has increased form 4 hours/day, to 8 hours/day, and now to a full-time live-in care worker through the TFWP. SureWork responsiveness to my escalating needs has been remarkable, and the quality of workers provided has been uniformly excellent. As well, SureWork assisted with the regulatory requirements and process for engaging a worker through the TFWP, which has enabled me to continue to have my spouse live at home in spite of her dramatically declining health condition. I recommend this agency most highly.
Gordon MacNeil, Victoria, BC

I must say I am exceedingly grateful to all of you for making this transitional time so much easier for Mom and for me.

Please know how grateful I am for everything you and your team have done with prompt and polite professionalism. You provide such an essential service to the community and I don’t know what I would have done without you!

Barb T

We continue to be most satisfied with the service you oversee and with the care Trudy is receiving from Rowena. Thank you very much!
Diane M, Victoria, BC

We were very pleased with the service that you provided in allowing for our hiring of Ella. She proved to be the perfect person for the job with her education, command of the English language, job skills and experience, and her compassionate nature.

We also were pleased with how your services simplified matters in terms of Ella’s arrival, and eventual departure as well as the assistance of your book-keeper.
We have already recommended you services to several friends.

D. Farquhar, Victoria, BC

Cannot emphasis enough that I could not have cared for my wife at home without having Racquel here. She can do everything cheerfully (however unpleasant), with humour and a smile. Wonderful lady.
Jack P, Victoria, BC

We are very happy with the professional services provided by SureWork Solutions.

We are very fortunate to have her as part of our family.

Kay C, Vancouver, BC

From the time she started working, she formed a strong bond with my wife and was able to provide friendship that was very helpful in our household.

She maintained the house appropriately and looked after our dog, although he brought in much clutter in his long shaggy hair. She became his friend and was followed from room to room as she carried out her work.

We have always laughed a lot in our house and she has a great sense of humour that has encouraged that to continue.

About a month ago, my wife fell and broke her hip and she spent many days with her in the hospital as she underwent surgery, and then recuperation. She watched, assisted in her treatment and applied what she learned when my wife returned home after a two week stay. Since then she has assisted in my wife’s recovery and now has her walking, standing up from her chair, and climbing the few stairs we have. My wife’s rapid improvement is no doubt the result of those exercise walks in February and March when she insisted that she walk every day.

I am very impressed with the strength of character and positive attitude that our caregiver has brought to our household. Having her join us was a good decision

Ted H, Sidney, BC

My mother loves to have her around and expresses always how grateful she is for the companionship that she has created with her. She has truly fit in beautifully and knows also when to disappear wen the family is around as well. She is an amazing asset to all our lives.
K C, Victoria, BC

My family and I feel very lucky to have Glenda as the caregiver for my wife. Glenda is a highly intelligent, compassionate, diligent person. She’s reliable and shows common sense beyond what one might expect in so young an adult. Her calming demeanor settles my wife.
Bill Austin, Victoria, BC

We are very pleased with Paulina, she is very caring and attentive to Mom’s needs, she is like a member of our family, she is a hard worker,(she likes to be out in the gardens) which, here, there is a lot of flower pots and hanging baskets. She has a very cheerful and positive personality.
Bill Pedneault, Sooke, BC

Last year my wife of 76 years passed away suddenly. I found it very difficult to look after our house as well as cook meals and clean house, in fact it was to much for me. I did not want to leave my house so when I heard of SureWork Solutions I contacted them with the idea of getting a live in housekeeper. This has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. Not only is my caregiver very efficient in providing meals , doing washing and cleaning but she is a happy person and a joy to have around. No longer is my house lonely. She has been and is a real blessing to me. I am very thankful for SureWork Solutions for finding her for me.
D Robinson, Victoria, BC

Just want to let you know again that Lynn is wonderful with my mother, kind, patient, caring, and all with a beautiful smile and happy disposition, and she takes good care of the home and Mom’s belongings. They get along well together.
Mardi, Washington State

I highly recommend SureWork Solutions. They came to our rescue when my elderly mother was released from hospital and needed full time live-in care immediately. Ben found us a permanent live-in care giver who was an excellent match for my mom through The Service Canada Foreign Worker program. My mom was able to stay in her own home for the past four years with kind, compassionate and skilled help. The additional help with paperwork and payroll added to peace of mind – this is a professional, caring and reliable company providing a much needed service.
Julia Woods

I have used SureWork Solutions’ services for the past three years. They were so helpful in obtaining a live-in caregiver for my grandmother. Walking me through the whole process, filling out and filing all the paperwork required and providing support along the way. I have used their services for interim short-term care as well and have always been pleased with the professional, kind and hardworking ladies that have cared for my grandmother. I am so grateful for all their help and I would highly recommend SureWorks to anyone looking for similar services!
Sarah Clark

We were impressed from the start. They were methodical and thorough, and brought care aides to meet us. It was well done, very professional. And they scrambled to get coverage for us right away, and they are just so caring. It’s made a real difference in our lives. We feel such confidence in these two women and SureWork.
Paula S

It would be impossible for the family to put into words on the outstanding job Rochelle has done. Her utmost patience and undivided attention to Mom has guided us through this difficult time. Her ability to learn a new system in a foreign land has been remarkable. Our sincere thanks to yourself and all the folks at Surework Solutions for giving us so many outstanding Homecare Workers to choose from. Without a doubt we chose the best and are forever grateful.
S Jones, Sidney BC

Thank you so much for all you did to make it possible for my dad to stay at home. It was his one request of me. Because of the flexibility of your company it was possible to do that for him. Many, many thanks for your support too.
Gwynne R, Victoria, BC

My l00 and 6 month old father could not remain in his own home without a caregiver. After advertising privately for four years and hiring five caregivers my expectations with regard to care for my dad were not met.

In desperation, I turned to the Yellow Pages and cold called SureWork Solutions.

Tina’s outgoing, patient and kind personality supports and encourages my father on a day to day basis. I am relieved to no end and very grateful to know my father is cared for day to day.

I highly recommend SureWork Solutions to any family requiring care for a loved one.

N Cabot, Vancouver, BC

Both my mother and I have had a wonderful experience with the staff SureWork has provided, and with the company itself. She was perfect- caring, respectful, and excellent at her job. After three years she moved to institutional work to further her career, and the replacement sent is equally wonderful.
Bev Patterson, Victoria, BC

She’s a self-starter – very observant and helpful and good-natured.
RB, Victoria, BC

As soon as Pauline started living and working with my father, he started doing really well again. They eat really healthy – she’s a good cook. And I notice he feels really settled when she’s there.
Wendy, Victoria, BC

I am happy to report that she has met or exceeded our expectations in every area of service.

She is totally honest, fully reliable , hard working, resourceful. caring and cheerful.

We are very pleased to have her as a valued member of our household.

John M, Victoria, BC

Hiring a live-in caregiver was the best decision I have ever made for my mother. I also found out about funding possibilities that I knew nothing about. Thank you so much!
Laurie M, Victoria, BC

Selena and Jane work together as live-ins with my mother in Mechosin, who is in her late 90s. They both work 40 hours per week, and some paid overtime.

They are kind, caring and encouraging with my mother, and assist with personal care, dressing, cooking and anything my mother needs help with. Selena also accompanies my mother to church or to community lunches as needed – sometimes driving her.

I am happy to recommend them as caregivers from SureWork Solutions. They are bright, with a good sense of humour, willing attitudes and good company for my mother in the evenings as well.

Joanne Thomas, Victoria, BC

She is a very pleasant worker, she is a self-starter, needs no direction and she is an excellent cook. I have 100% trust in her to take care of my wife.
J M, North Saanich, BC

Jane is an honest, cheerful, personable and very hard-working caregiver. Jane was quick to help out wherever the need arose at my parent’s home. She regularly anticipated what needed to be done and would get to it before being asked.

Her wisdom and comfort with people was very evident in the way she interacted with our parents. My parents and siblings were sad to see her leave as she was such a kind presence. Her sense of humour was a bonus.

N. Bell and Family, Salt Spring Island, BC

We were very fortunate to have had her as a caregiver for our mother two months ago. We found her to be very patient, caring and attentive to our mother. No matter how many times mom needed to be adjusted in her bed, or needed to go to the washroom, she was always there and gave the impression that it was the first time.
Because of mom’s deteriorating health we had a bell set-up by her bed so that she could call for assistance. Many times mom didn’t even have to ring the bell, she heard her moving in her bed and she would rush to her side to see if she needed anything. I saw this first hand as I had taken time off work to be with mom during her last few weeks and I provided the breaks.
I whole heartedly recommend her for any position where assistance is needed for an elderly or sick person. As I mentioned above, her patience and caring were so obvious to us but most importantly her patience and caring were obvious to our mother.
RD, Victoria, BC